Services: Property and business valuation

Property and business valuation

UAB “ROSK Consulting” provides property and business valuation services.

In today’s business environment, every decision must be justified and well considered. Decisions relating to the property or business are particularly exposed to financial / legal / tax environment are quite complex and to ensure customer’s maximum benefits, a professional property or business valuator as a strategic consultant is required.

Business valuation

We provide the following business valuation services when:

  • Acquiring or selling a company, its subdivisions or business
  • Expanding or reorganising a business
  • Reorganising companies when justification of stocks exchange ratio is needed
  • Implementing various financial decisions related to changes in shareholding

Property valuation

We offer the following property valuation services:

  • Purchasing, selling, swapping, granting, or inheriting property
  • Insuring, taxing and declaring property
  • Mortgaging property
  • Including property in the financial accounting documents
  • Leasing, transferring to the other parties on the basis of loan for use or custody
  • Taking by the established order for public demands

For further information on our property and business valuation services, please contact:

Skrebnevskis Director
+370 68048438

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